Saturday, September 18, 2010

A little bit about me

What crafts do I do? Weave, knit, crochet, cross stitch, bead, a little bit of embroidery, and a little bit of sewing. I'll really try my hand at anything.

I was born in June.

I’m fron the US.

This is my 6th HSKS swap.

I don’t know how big my stash is. Most of it isn’t up in Rav, and it’s mostly still packed up from my move. Most of it is weaving yarn, though.

I do knit and crochet.

My favorite color is purple, but I also really like blues, teals and greens, basically cool soothing colors. Of coures, I like fall colors in their place, too, so I guess there really aren't that many colors I don't like.

My favorite season is fall, hands down. I love the leaves changing, and when the air gets crisp and cool. I love getting ready for fall and winter holidays. My favorite holiday is, well, I’m really not sure. I love Halloween. I love dressing up (and we are encouraged to wear costumes to work!) I love decorating, and I love handing out candy to the kids. But I also love Chanukah, too. I love seeing my family. I love shopping for presents, and wrapping them, and seeing people’s faces when they open them. I love lighting the menorah, and making latkes (potato pancakes). And I decorate for Chanukah, too.

My favorite fiber is another tough one. For weaving, I really love working with perle cotton. It makes a great warp, comes in a gazillion wonderful colors, different sizes, it’s just really versatile. For knitting, I really like working with wool and bamboo or tencel. They’re warm, soft and drapey.

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