Saturday, April 10, 2010

Transfiguration homework

I didn't make it 100%, but I came pretty close. Above is my originality marker, a necklace from my sister.

Toy rubber ball

Memoris! Now it's a remembrall:

Candy and some paper:

Fugatum! Now it's a snitch:

A cup and some teeth:

Te dentum! A nose-biting teacup.

An hourglass and jewelry supplies.

Tempes mutatio! It's a timechanger:


Vita arbus! A Bowtruckle


Oculum! Spectrespecs :

This was my one failure. I'm awful in the kitchen. I couldn't find any fruitcake to transform into rock cakes, so I tried fruit and cake.

Geocakuem! And got a rock. Can't win them all.

Modeling clay

Pyrotus! Decoy Detonator


  1. Wow, very well done! I'm impressed!

  2. The necklace your sister gave you is amazing!!!!!! I just love antique looking jewelry! Very well done on your transfiguration!!