Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mad-libs! How fun!

Here's my list:

1. a verb: bake
2. a number: 13
3. a body part: foot
4. an abstract noun: happiness
5. a noun: cat
6. a skin condition: eczema
7. a body part: elbow
8. type of person/stereotype: penny-pincher
9. a substance: sugar
10. a fortune cookie phrase in all capital letters: IT TAKES BOTH SUN AND RAIN TO MAKE A RAINBOW.
11. article of clothing: cap
12. verb ending in "-ed": bounced
13. neurological disorder: migraines
14. an animal: tiger
15. a fruit: star fruit
16. a latin (sounding) phrase in all capital letters: CARPE MOMENTUM
17. a body part: kneecap
18. a large animal: giraffe
19. a food: chocolate mousse
20. a body part in plural: thumbs
21. a verb ending in "-ing": sewing
22. a nonsensical word in all capital letters:
23. a container: flask
24. a body part: ear
25. a noun: picture


  1. Haha! I like the fortune cookie phrase! It should make for an interesting mad-lib next week!

  2. It sure did! After I posted these, I found a fortune cookie left from the night before, and wondered if I should open it and sub in that phrase. I think mine worked out well in the story, though :-)