Saturday, June 5, 2010

Got my kit!

Actually, I got it a week ago, right before I left to go out of town. So my apologies to Emma Scrimgeour for the delay.

First, when I opened the shipping box, I saw:

Is that a great bag or what? Emma's mom made it!

Inside, there's this awesomely cute hippo tool box.

Inside the hippo:

Harmony dpn's in size 1 (can never have too many of those!) stitch markers, and radish earrings (it's just not a Luna kit without radishes!) The stitch markers spell out "its often infested with nargles" which is what Luna says about mistletoe :-)

There is a pair of awesome mitts in Ravenclaw colors with big "diamond" buttons

There are also a pile of tea bags (yum!); some dark chocolate (gone already); a very nice hand made card; the pattern for Luna's Moonlight Ladies sock (by our own Ann Kingstone); and some hand-dyed yarn by Christina Marie Potter.


  1. LOVING the colors! Wow! Amazing kit! Love the socks, too. Those are on my wish list :)

  2. What an aweome kit! I LOVE that bag!!! Such bright colors!

  3. I'm loving how bright and colorful it all is. The bag is the perfect size for a project bag, and the hippo tool kit is beyond cute.