Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where's Winnie

So our beloved headmistress has gone galivanting around the globe, leaving us little clues to guess her location. This week's clue seems to me to point to Brazil. I hope she brushed up on her Portugese before she left!

Muggle life is definitely intruding into my quidditch fun this term! I'm still trying to sell the house, and I have to start working in Mass full time as of December 1st! Yikes! I've got to find a place to live! I sure wish I had one of the tents Mr. Weasley had. That was easy to set up, and plenty of room. Now I'm probably going to be using something the muggles call Craig's List to find a place for a short while. But I have to find one that will let me take the kitties. What else can I do with them? Even a stunning spell won't keep the quiet long enough for me to sell this house and buy another.

Ok, off to shop and cook for a fun potluck tonight!

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