Friday, October 9, 2009

Wish list

This post is always fun and hard: we have to post our wish lists, to help our spoilers decide what to get us. So in no particular order:

Chocolate is always good, the darker the better. Fruit and/or nut inclusions are perfectly acceptable.

Coffee: I'm a fiend, completely addicted. Flavored coffees are just fine.

Tea: I drink a lot of this, too, and that includes herbals (tisanes) and flavored tea. For a good strong cup when I don't want the caffeine hit of coffee, I reach for some yummy Earl Grey.

Stitch Markers: I use them all the time to keep my place in projects. I can never have too many of them, and like all kinds of them.

Project bags: I like to be able to grab one and throw it in a tote bag when I'm on my way somewhere. I never know which tote back I'll want to take with me, so I like to be able to move my projects from one bag to another. The project bags makes that easier.

Tool bags: to go in the project bags, so I can keep extra stitch markers, needles, scissors in my project bags.

Yarn: well, I don't really have a strong preference. I like a bit of everything, because even if it doesn't work out for knitting, I'll end up weaving with it. Lately I've been on a bamboo kick, and I like tencel as well, because I like the sheen they give a yarn. They both make nice blends with wool.

Needles: I like wood or bamboo, because with metal I drop stitches like crazy.

Other stuff about me: I'm a sports nut. I root for the NY Yankees, and the Miami Dolphins most of all.

I collect cats, but only small ones. None of them are bigger than about 4-5 inches.

I'm Jewish, so I don't do Xmas decorations, but I do like to have Chanukah stuff all over the house.

I'm a geek at heart, and love watching movies. I am a big fan of Star Trek, Firefly, X-Men. I'm also a bookwork, and I have a Kindle so I never have to worry about not having something to read. I love reading historical fiction and mysteries, like Anne Perry's Victorian series.

Ok, spoiler, whoever you are, hope this helps!

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