Thursday, October 15, 2009


1 Someone with the same craft as you: Emma Gorodok knits, dyes, tablet weaves (I do a little tablet weaving, but mostly loom weaving) some sewing , and makes stitch markers (which I do a little bit) all things I do. She also crochets and writes patterns, which I don’t.
2 Someone who was born in the same month: Celestina Pettigrew was born in June, just like me
3 Someone from a different country: Lizzie Wychwood is from the UK
4 A new HSKS Quidditch player: Saraid Swiftrunner is playing quidditch for the first time!
5 A player who has been in 3 or mor HSKS swaps: Olive Bumblebirch has been in 3 previous HSKS swaps.
6 A player with a bigger stash than you: Rowena Dragonsinger, Asst Capt of the Wigtown Wanderers, has 15 Rubbermaid totes! I’ve only got 6
7 A player who both knits and crochets: Bridget the Bloodthirsty does both
8 Someone who has the same favorite color as you: Ginny Lockheart lists blue, then purple. I put purple first, but those are my 2 favorite colors

Other things I discovered about the above people, poking through their blogs and Ravelry pages:
Emma used to be a Slytherin but now she’s a Ravenclaw, like me.
Celestina put project bags on her wish list, same as me.
Lizzie grows her own lavender. I bet she’s a wiz at Herbology! I plan on planting some in whatever garden I have when I get my new house.
Saraid has an awesome picture of women aviators on her blog.
Olive went to Sock Summit! I am so jealous!
Rowena’s Patronus is a gorgeous dragon.
Bridget has 78 projects on Ravelry!
Ginny hasn’t done any other swaps before. We should all be especially nice to her, so she’ll love them as much as the rest of us.

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