Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brainy good fun!

This week's homework is to find as many words as possible using the letters in the word Ravenclaw. Each word had to have an R in it, although the bonus was to make a list of words that didn't have R in it. Of course, being a Ravenclaw, I did both parts. And being a crossword puzzle buff, this was lots of fun for me.

R words (32): acer, arc, are, Aver, care, caer, caner, Caver, Cavern, claver, Clear, Crane, Crave, Craven, Craw, Crew, Lacer, Laver, Lear, Learn, Race, rale, Ran, Rave, Raven, Raw, Real, Vernal, waner, Warn, Waver, wear,

Non-R words (27): ace, ale, alec, awe, canal, cane, Cave, Caw, Claw, clew, Clean, lace, Lave, lane, Law, lawn, Lean, Nave, New, veal, venal, wale, wan, wane, Wave, weal,

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