Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Homework!

Our assignment this time is to read blog posts from school mates in the other houses, to better get to know them. And of course we have to comment on the posts.

From Gryffindor, my spoilee Buttercup mentioned getting to go to a Fair Isle knitting class. I've very jealous of that! I have yet to learn stranded knitting, and that is definitely on my list.

From Hufflepuff, Mantacora Crimson had a real live owl in her Muggle garage. She'd just finished her dueling mittens and he showed up. Makes you wonder if owls read Harry Potter!

From Slytherin, Penelope Caerphilly (who calls herself a Slytherpuff :-) has just finished decorating her own Kiwi spinning wheel. She named Einin (a-NEEN) which is Irish for little bird, perfect for a Kiwi!


  1. Fabulous research Ame! I'm sorry I haven't seen you much this term. Maybe we can chat next week during Quidditch. :-)

  2. Psst, can you post Quidditch please? Due tomorrow early a.m. before snitch release. Thank you!