Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spells and Incantations

Wow, we got a LOT of homework this week. Being the clever claw that I am, I'll knock off the sections one by one. I don't want to be here working feverishly away on Saturday!

Spell Creation: Come up with an incantation for the following situations. Creating our own spells and charms is NOT easy, but I do adore a challenge like that.

1- A fellow classmate never lets you speak in a conversation. What incantation do you mutter under your breath? What happens to your classmate when you say the incantation? Silencio of course would work. Then the other speaker loses the ability to speak. But that's kind of obvious. The classmate knows full well what's been done, and then one has to worry about turn-about. So I've come up with a little beauty of my own, Blankus. It causes the speaker to forget what they were saying. Much harder for the recipient to figure out what happened, unless used too often.

2- You’ve just entered a Muggle city in complete wizard clothing and a restroom cannot be found to change out of your outfit. What charm or spell do you say to change what you are wearing? An invisibility cloak would be very handy at a time like this. One could change underneath it with impunity. Barring that, I think I would use a switching spell we learned in Transfiguration. And I could also possibly use Repello Muggletum to keep away the muggles until I was finished, and then cancel it with Finite Incantatem.

3- You are riding a bicycle along on a country road and suddenly notice your tire is flat and needs air. What spell do you perform to give your tire air? First I would use a Reparo spell, to be sure that whatever caused it to go flat was fixed. Then I would use Inflatio or a Refilling Charm to reinflate it. Of course, one must use care not to overinflate the tire, and cause it to blow up. That would be a little harder to fix, as well as drawing attention of any muggles in the area.

4- You are reading a valuable and one-of-a-kind book, and, quite unusually, you’ve left your quills and parchment in the dorm. You only have your wand for assistance. Create a spell for highlighting or remembering the important pieces of text without harming the book. Hmmm, this is tricky. We Ravenclaws revere books too much to want to cause any permanant damage to them. I might use wand writing to take notes, but it would only be for a small amount. Otherwise the amount of ribbon coming from my wand would be too much. The simplest thing would probably be Accio Bookbag, to bring me my book bag, which of course is always packed and ready with the necessary implements. But to actually highlight in the book, I would use a little darling I created, called Tintus Diaphanous, which lets me use my wand like a highlighter marker. Of course, being magical, not muggle, there's always a little extra. Once I'm done marking all the parts I want to concentrate on, I use Duplicatus to copy it all onto a piece of parchment, allowing me to concentrate on studying just those parts. And then I would use Finite Incantatum on the book to remove the marks.

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