Monday, December 6, 2010

I got my kit!

I got home from visiting my friends and family back in NY, and found Mystry's owl Twitchee wating for me on my porch. Inside were a bunch of parcels wrapped in Ravenclaw bronze and blue, very pretty. (I forgot to take a picture after unwrapping the ones in white paper, but they had the bronze paper, too. They just needed a little extra padding.)

I got some warm cozy mitts in Ravenclaw blue and silver (and haven't taken them off since!) The ruffle is so pretty!

Here's the whole kit.

A beautiful coffee mug that will be going to work with me for my use-it-every-day-all-day mug. A skein of Araucania Itata yarn, which is a blend of super-wash wool, silk and bamboo. It's totally yummy, and in my all-time favorite colorway of blue and purple. A box of See's candy. I squeed when I saw it, because I haven't had See's in forever. Yes, I've eaten some of it. A small and clever tool box with lots of compartments. A snitch kit, with snitch and a sticker book with house emblems. A set of owl salt and pepper shakers. A soft handled crochet hook, which I'm desperate for. 2 very cool post cards from California. And a copy of Handwoven magazine, which I will be slowly savoring this evening.

Here's a close-up of the snitch, and the tool box opened up:

The owl salt and pepper shakers:


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