Sunday, December 27, 2009

The most spoiled spoilee ever

I really am the most spoiled spoilee ever. And Lizzie worked the Magpie theme so well. There are feathers snuck in here and there, and of course she really worked the black and white color theme to perfection. I opened the box left by her owl, and found it filled with Magpie-wrapped parcels.

Isn't this awesome? She even printed her own wrapping paper:
I started opening them with the biggest one first. It is a knitting bag, lined, with pockets, including long ones for straight needles. It's black and white, of course, and it's got a feather pattern knit into the bottom of it, and colorwork Magpies knit into the top. I love it so much!!

Opening the next parcel, I found a great little tool bag, and in exploring its pockets, saw that it was filled with more little parcels! This is even better than Russian nesting dolls!
Inside, there was a snitch tape measure, a gorgeous set of colored wooden double points in size 2mm, perfect for sock knitting, and a set of stitch markers with black and white beads, of course, and feather charms.
Next came 3 balls of yarn (all with bamboo, a favorite of mine) one black, one white, and one in variegated blues, pinks and purples, which of course is my favorite colorway. I got a tote bag with the Montrose Magpies logo magically adhereed to it, a small handmade notebook with the logo on the cover. There's a bookmark with Hogwarts stitched onto it in runes, snitch-shaped chocolates, and Bertie Bott's every flavored beans. There's also some tea in a tin cunningly shaped like the Ministry of Magic's entrance.

I got 2 patterns to go with my yarn: a feather :-) and fan sosck pattern, and a great little colorwork bag with a cat pattern. It will be just the thing for my first ever colorwork project!

Last, and definitely NOT least, a pair of quidditch sock earrings and a quidditch team sweater pin, hand knit of course, and complete adorable.

Here's the whole kit and caboodle:

Rascal, wearing Magpies team colors, inspects and approves.

Lizzie, thank you so much for your hard work. I feel like I got 2 kits, especially since Emma helped you with it. Many thanks to you, too, Emma! Lizzie, what charm did you use to fit all of that into that little box?